River Runs Wild

River Runs Wild is a permaculture farm growing in Lanark Highlands, Eastern Ontario. Our forest gardens, mixed culture orchards, home gardens, medicinal plantings and year-round growing capabilities are all supported by integrated whole systems designed to conserve water, regenerate soil and build diverse ecosystems.

A person feeling dirt between both hands.
Cilantro growing in a field during the evening sun.
Someone placing a worm back into their garden.

At River Runs Wild Farm our primary responsibility is the regeneration of the landscape, soil and ecosystems on our land through scalable, sustainable and healthy systems design leading to food security and a simple lifestyle for our family.  

New to permaculture and regenerative agriculture, we are committed to self-development, up-skilling and educating ourselves about practices that will ensure we manage our land responsibly and effectively and are prepared for all possible future conditions. 

We hope to open our farm as an educational site to share insights with others about planning, developing and implementing permaculture systems and regenerative agriculture techniques.

A berry tree showing its fruits in the autumn.

Jacqui Haines, Educator & Principal Gardener www.riverrunswild.ca | lanark6@hotmail.com
613 720.4508

Jacqui and Cameron Haines live on 18.5-acres in Lanark Highlands, south of Ottawa. In 2018, they finished their Passive Solar home build and are now beginning work on permaculture designs and plans for River Runs Wild Farm.